About Us

Child of the Light – Dream Whispers is a relaxing album for children (and adults) with soothing music and whispered positive affirmations to assist in the process of going to sleep. The purpose of this album is to help children (and adults) relax and give them some positive reinforcement to help offset all the negative messages they receive from society

Although designed for children, many adults have also found this album useful for helping to fall asleep, for relaxation and meditation, and for use during healing sessions such as massage therapy or acupuncture. It is also great music for tai-chi or yoga practice.

It is the favorite nap time CD of many local Preschool teachers.

It makes a great gift for a baby shower or a child’s birthday. It would also be a wonderful gift for someone who has trouble going to sleep or who is under a lot of stress or who likes to meditate or practice tai-chi or yoga.

Track One is “Child of the Light – Dream Whispers (music only)”. Track Two is “Child of the Light – Dream Whispers (with affirmations)”.
The album is just over 60 minutes in length.

Concept and Affirmations: Juliet Easton
Produced and Engineered: Dan Dudley
Keyboard: David Frederick
Rhythm Guitar: Todd Byington
Lead Guitar: Kerrie Dickson