Fans’ Comments

"How can you describe floating clouds on a cool, clear day while you lay on your back and let go of all your worries?  That's how I feel as I listen to this exquisite music.  It's totally relaxing, totally rejuvenating.  It seems to relax my mind, soothe my emotions, and shine my soul.  Ah, this is heaven!"
Joe Vitale
One of the stars of the hit movie The Secret & Author of Spiritual Marketing and many other books.

I immediately loved the words on your website, and I’m equally pleased with the accompanying music! Three tapes are for my grandchildren, but the fourth I’ve kept for myself; perfect music as I work! Thanks Juliet!!

Barbara J. Bosco

Our ‘Child of the Light’ tape helps us end each day on a peaceful note. I think I enjoy it as much as my daughter. The message offers a real sense of renewal at the end of our busy day.

Susan, mother of 1-year-old, Athens, GA

Our daughter Abigail (age 4) first listened to “Child of the Light” at her preschool. The music was played to facilitate relaxation before naptime. We now play the music at our home during ‘quiet time.’ The soothing sounds and quiet whispers of positive messages are pleasant and appeal to children and adults alike! Highly recommended.

Julie and Tom, parents of 4-year-old, Athens, GA

Any time of day is a good time for this relaxing, peaceful music. It starts a day off calmly and ends the day relaxingly. It’s perfect in the car. After all the use during the day, it still assists in starting the night of dreams off sweetly.

Koa Roper, mother of two-year-old and four-year-old boys

Preschool Teachers and Assistants

It is wonderfully calming and soothing music for the children to listen to.

Frieda Hammett, Director, Waseca Learning Environment

We have used “Dream Whispers” in our class exclusively for 3 months. What a beautiful tape–the music is so soft, soothing, and simple. It produces an immediate relaxation response in a classroom full of busy toddlers. The whispers can be heard occasionally rising above the music, bringing such sweet thoughts for the next generation. At naptime the children are always asleep within 15-20 minutes.

Stephanie Bolton, Assistant in pre-primary class, Waseca Learning Environment

Positive attributes of the ‘Child of the Light’ tape in a pre-primary class setting:

With the first few notes children are instantly quiet and relaxed.

Children from all different cultures enjoy it; it’s universal music.

I have used the tape in my class at naptime for the past three months, and the kids ask for it if I forget to put it on. (They say, “Put on music, please.”)

The soft voice under the music is soothing for me as well as the children.

If the class becomes out of control, I put the tape on and the children automatically associate the music with calming down. They all stop and listen, which doesn’t happen with many tapes.

The underlying messages are beautiful, subtle and kind, faciliting a loving atmosphere in the classroom.

I feel that this tape would be a beneficial tool to use in any classroom.

Amy Knoell, Lead Teacher in pre-primary class, Waseca Learning Environment

I have used the tape frequently in a nap room of 3-4 year olds. The music from the tape fills our room with loving sounds and thoughts, and adds to the calm and serenity that needs to be an integral part of–and always associated with–a child’s sleep.

Pam Blanchard, Day Care Lead Teacher in primary class, Waseca Learning Environment

The children have noticed that there are words behind the music. I see this as an opening to incorporate talking about peace into the curriculum.

Lisa Pickett, Lead Teacher in pre-primary class, Waseca Learning Environment

With two- and three-year-olds, it calms and soothes them in a way that no other tape has done before. I really like the affirmations.

Natalie Gaskins, Assistant in pre-primary class, Waseca Learning Environment