How can you describe floating clouds on a cool, clear day while you lay on your back and let go of all your worries? That’s how I feel as I listen to this exquisite music. It’s totally relaxing, totally rejuvenating. It seems to relax my mind, soothe my emotions, and shine my soul. Ah, this is heaven!

Joe Vitale, one of the stars of the hit movie The Secret & Author of Spiritual Marketing and many other books.

Has your nighttime become a nightmare?

Is your child’s bedtime a battleground?

Do you find yourself having nightly negotiations with “little diplomats” who want:

  • just one more cup of water
  • just one more hug
  • just one more story
  • just one more snack

Do you long for a stress-free bedtime with your child?

  • Where your child has a bedtime routine they love?
  • Where he or she drifts peacefully off to sleep?
  • Where you finally get some time to just be YOU for a few hours and not “Mommy” or “Daddy”?

Everyone needs deep sleep to feel rested and rejuvenated, especially growing children.

Rest and relaxation may sound like a distant dream for your family,
but I assure you it CAN become your new reality!

Hi, my name is Juliet Easton.
I have three adult children and three grandkids!

These little people have brought me the biggest blessings in my life, but everything wasn’t always so peachy…

I remember so many nights of negotiations with my children when they seemed like “little diplomats”!

I feel your pain. I’ve been there!

It wasn’t fun — in fact, it was extremely stressful for both my children and myself.

I felt so torn.

I wanted to be the mom that they needed, but I was also struggling to find time to just be me and relax from time to time.

Just a bit of “me” time…

It didn’t feel like I was asking for much, but I couldn’t manage to create a healthy sleep schedule that allowed each of us the rest we needed and deserved.

At that time in my life, it seemed like a distant pipe dream that would never happen.

So I did some research…

No matter how hard I looked, I could not find a solution that would work for my kids.

At least not completely

The bottom line was that I needed a bedtime routine
that actually gave my kids the structure they needed.

And that helped a lot when I was able to implement it!

But… they would still get up, walk quietly down the stairs, sneak up on me from behind, & make me jump out of my quiet solitude I had just eased into reading a book or having a quiet conversation with their dad.

“Mommy, I can’t sleep…”

They would sneak up for one last negotiation.

“Can I just sleep in your bed again?”

Just one more… story, glass of water, snack, hug, whatever.

So, I did more research….

And I tried more “solutions.”

Sadly, most lullaby music did not get my kids to drift peacefully off to sleep.

They listened to it. They liked it. But they didn’t go to sleep.

Or worse… they WOULD drift off to sleep, the song would end, and a new one would start and startle them back WIDE awake and ready for negotiation!

One day, I met with my friend Kerry completely exhausted from a restless night with very little sleep…

As we had lunch with me barely able to keep my eyes open, she shared with me some insight from her experience as a certified hypnotherapist.

The key of E is the best musical key to induce relaxation and sleep.

Then I had an AHA moment!

I had a lot of friends who were musicians, including Kerry!

I knew at that moment that I could create a solution that would work!

And then a new idea came to me:

What if I could not only get my kids to sleep, but help them wake up feeling happier and more empowered?

It dawned on me that the interruptions to their sleep wasn’t just from putting on the wrong lullabies, but from the negativity that my little ones were surrounded by in the world that’s completely out of my control…

The moment that they step out of my home, they’re met with:

  • Mean kids at school
  • Impatient teachers
  • Manipulative advertising

Not to mention our children’s early exposure to the limitless internet.

It was hard to create a barrier to protect my little ones’ malleable minds…

The negativity was everywhere.
I knew there must be SOMETHING I could do to help offset this.

Of course, I gave my kids positive messages with my words.

But I knew I could do more.

So I wrote affirmations to help them:

  • feel more empowered,
  • want to be cooperative,
  • love being organized,
  • have better visual & auditory memory,
  • feel more gratitude,
  • be more focused,
  • want to eat healthier food.

In short, I wanted to reprogram their minds with positive messages, which would help them all the way around, especially their sleep.

I knew the power of affirmations and I knew the power of subliminal messages.

BUT… as a parent, there was NO WAY I was willing
to play something subliminal for my kids
without knowing what it really was saying!

I wanted to know for sure what was going into my children’s brains!

Then I had another AHA moment!

And I had my solution! Well… in my mind at least. I still had to create it.

First, I got several of my musician friends together (David, Kerry and Todd) to play guitar and keyboards at my friend Dan’s home studio.

They came up with some really beautiful music in the key of E. And it was 15 minutes long (if you are a musician, you know that is a long time to play without a break.)

Then David created a bridge piece to go between the first 15 minute segment and the same segment repeated.

It was really important to me that there was NO break in the music to startle them awake and ready for negotiation!

Next, I used the same track, now just over 30 minutes in length, and I whispered the affirmations on top of it.

That way they could be heard by parents in a quiet room or with headphones so they would actually KNOW what the words were that their child was hearing.

AND they would still work in the same way as subliminal messages, but without parents wondering and worrying “what exactly IS my child hearing?”

That was REALLY important to me as a parent!

So a parent could put on the the first track (music only) to play without the whispers to distract their child from sleeping.

Then the second track would start 30 minutes later after their child was asleep with the same music and whispered affirmations that would work to give their child POSITIVE messages while he or she slept.

And guess what?

It worked!

And it didn’t just work with my kids.

I gave copies to the Montessori/Waldorf preschool my children were attending to use at nap-time with all of the kids in their classrooms.

And the kids LOVED it!

And entire classrooms of children drifted peacefully off to sleep at nap-time and woke up happier.
And the teachers were VERY, VERY happy!

Our daughter Abigail (age 4) first listened to “Child of the Light” at her preschool. The music was played to facilitate relaxation before naptime. We now play the music at our home during ‘quiet time.’ The soothing sounds and quiet whispers of positive messages are pleasant and appeal to children and adults alike! Highly recommended.
Parent Child Hands Heart
Julie and Tom
Parents of 4-year-old, Athens, GA
Any time of day is a good time for this relaxing, peaceful music. It starts a day off calmly and ends the day relaxingly. It’s perfect in the car. After all the use during the day, it still assists in starting the night of dreams off sweetly.
Parent Child Hands Heart
Koa Roper
Mother of two-year-old and four-year-old boys
We have used “Dream Whispers” in our class exclusively for 3 months. What a beautiful tape–the music is so soft, soothing, and simple. It produces an immediate relaxation response in a classroom full of busy toddlers. The whispers can be heard occasionally rising above the music, bringing such sweet thoughts for the next generation. At nap time the children are always asleep within 15-20 minutes.
Parent Child Hands Heart
Stephanie Bolton
Assistant in pre-primary class, Waseca Learning Environment
Positive attributes of the ‘Child of the Light’ tape in a pre-primary class setting: With the first few notes children are instantly quiet and relaxed. Children from all different cultures enjoy it; it’s universal music. I have used the tape in my class at nap time for the past three months, and the kids ask for it if I forget to put it on. (They say, “Put on music, please.”) The soft voice under the music is soothing for me as well as the children. If the class becomes out of control, I put the tape on and the children automatically associate the music with calming down. They all stop and listen, which doesn’t happen with many tapes.The underlying messages are beautiful, subtle and kind, facilitating a loving atmosphere in the classroom. I feel that this tape would be a beneficial tool to use in any classroom.
Parent Child Hands Heart
Amy Knoell
Lead Teacher in pre-primary class, Waseca Learning Environment

So now I am on a mission.
I want to get this CD into the hands of as many parents as possible.
AND into as many preschool classrooms as possible.
I figure I can help positively impact a LOT of kids’ lives this way.

And I can… with YOUR help.
I need you to help share this message with other parents and preschool teachers.
WE can make a difference together!


And… when you buy the CD download, you can stop the endless personal nighttime negotiations with your own “little diplomats,” and help your child (and yourself) have peaceful nights, allowing you to get the “me” time you need and deserve!

And allowing them to get the much needed rest their little bodies and minds need, while receiving positive messages to help them for the rest of their lives!

And you get a bonus! Instead of receiving
Stress-Free Bedtime tips in your inbox,
you can receive them all at once in an ebook!

Juliet Easton

P.S. Please let me know how you are enjoying your new-found “me” time after you play Child of the Light – Dream Whispers for your child! Seriously! Click here to let me know! :)

P.P.S.  You can listen to the sample audio clips here.

More Praise!

I immediately loved the words on your website, and I’m equally pleased with the accompanying music! Three tapes are for my grandchildren, but the fourth I’ve kept for myself; perfect music as I work! Thanks Juliet!!
Parent Child Hands Heart
Barbara J. Bosco
Our ‘Child of the Light’ tape helps us end each day on a peaceful note. I think I enjoy it as much as my daughter. The message offers a real sense of renewal at the end of our busy day.
Parent Child Hands Heart
Mother of 1-year-old, Athens, GA
I have used the tape frequently in a nap room of 3-4 year olds. The music from the tape fills our room with loving sounds and thoughts, and adds to the calm and serenity that needs to be an integral part of–and always associated with–a child’s sleep.
Parent Child Hands Heart
Pam Blanchard
Day Care Lead Teacher in primary class, Waseca Learning Environment
The children have noticed that there are words behind the music. I see this as an opening to incorporate talking about peace into the curriculum.
Parent Child Hands Heart
Lisa Pickett
Lead Teacher in pre-primary class, Waseca Learning Environment